10 Tips For Your Skin

10 Tips For Your Skin

This well-researched list of tips brought to you by Skincare By Alana will provide you with the results you’ve always wanted.  We guarantee that if you follow these 10 tips for your skin in the circumstances in which they apply, you will obtain a healthier look to your complexion that you have never seen before.

This brief description provides basic information about some of the simple steps that you can take to obtaining a more pure and healthy look.

We have also provided additional information below on how to obtain products that will allow you to exercise these tips in a dependable and effective way.

  1. Battle shine? Use a moisturizer that mattifies to get the moisture your skin needs without looking greasy
  2. Use a cream blush to project an image of healthy and pinched cheeks!
  3. Use a facial exfoliater once a week to get rid of skin. Makeup will look better on a clean, smooth canvas.
  4. Always allow about two fingers from your nose to where blush starts.
  5. To make your cheekbones appear higher, use bronzer under the cheekbone and highlighter on the actual cheekbone.
  6. Get clear skin by applying tea tree oil as soon as you notice a pimple.
  7. Constantly too tired to wash your face at night? Keep makeup removing wipes in your nightstand to prevent a runny mess or morning break out.
  8. The best time to apply creams is after the shower while the skin has been de-oiled and the pores are open.
  9. Suffer from dry skin?  Use a cream or milk cleanser to wash your face. Creams are typically less drying than gels.
  10. The antihistamines in allergy medicine dry out the skin so skip heavy foundation during allergy season. Instead, use a tinted moisturize.

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