Razor bumps – what you need to know about this problem and how to solve it

Shaving is something that both men and women usually do especially those who like to take care of their body. Men will usually shave beards and other hair in the body while women will usually shave their groin and armpits to keep it clean and neat. After shaving most people experience razor bumps that can be painful and also disgusting. These bumps on the skin are caused by hair that grows inside below the skin and fail to find an opening to sprout out and thereby causing a small painful and itchy bump on the skin. These bumps can spoil your shave outlook and make it look very unprofessional and not forgetting the pain that accompany it. Sometime if you start scratching that area you will develop a scar that may take a lot of time before it actually disappears.
How you can avoid reduce occurrence of razor bumps
Here are some few tips that you can use when shaving so that you can avoid developing these small bumps.
1. Make sure that you use a high quality blade to shave and a sharp one. This will not leave some hair damaged.
2. Never try to shave without shaving creams as they help to soften the hair for smooth shaving.
3. It is also important to know the direction that the hair is growing and shave moving the blade in that direction.
4. Before shaving it is important that you wash the surface to be shaved with war water to open up pores that contain hair
5. Also after shaving it is important that you wash the shaved surface to unblock any pores that may have accidentally been closed.
It is important that you differentiate between a razor bump and a skin tag. Most people confuse these two and it is important that you don’t get mixed between these two.
Differences between the two
Skin tags are small bumps that occur due to genetics, obesity and friction of the skin while razor burn only occurs after shaving.
Tags are removed using complex procedures such as surgical treatment while bumps disappear on its own.
You can remove skin tags using supplements and over the counter products while for razor burn you only need to wait for it to disappear.
In case you find that you have a small bump that have developed after shaving and it’s not going away then you may consider using available home remedies that can make it disappear.
Home remedies to remove bumps after shave
Below are some of the methods that you can use to remove these bumps on the skin. Unlike skin tag removing etc these bumps can be easily removed by simple products that you can make on your own at home. They are
Lemmon juice can be used to get rid this due to its acidic nature. This will stop bacteria and other infection especially if you apply it after shaving.
Tee tree oil is another good natural anti bacteria oil. If you apply it after shaving it will prevent any infection from growing beneath the skin as the hair try find its way out.
Aloe-vera is a natural herb that you can extract it juice and apply on the skin to reduce irritation. It is also another good natural home remedy that you can use to treat bumps that occur after shave.
When your skin has inflammation you can stop this by using witch hazel as its a natural antiseptic agent that you can use at home.

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